Filming for Refinery29 by Nora Mandray

On set in NYC.

On set in NYC.

I wrote a script and directed re-enactments for a feature-length documentary project for Refinery29. It follows a survivor of sexual trauma and her incredible journey on the path to recovering her sense of self. It’s been one of these projects that inspired me well beyond the set and deeply impacted my world view. Meeting someone who’s basically a real-life superhero, and getting to visit her life story together, was truly incredible. This project, made possible by a team of fantastic collaborators, is very dear to my heart and I can’t wait to share it with you all. More soon!

In the Making: "A Dog In My Cell" by Nora Mandray

Still from the shoot (c) Nora Mandray

Still from the shoot (c) Nora Mandray

This July, I started working on A Dog In My Cell, a feature-length documentary project, together with my co-directing partner Jason B. Kohl.

A Dog In My Cell tells the story of a trio of convicted murderers, who struggle to transform an unruly puppy into a disciplined seeing-eye dog over the course of a year. In the process, they chart a path to an uncertain redemption...


ArtistS' Residency by Nora Mandray

I'm spending the month of September at Soaring Gardens. This remote artists' residency notably consists of a Church reconverted into artists studios, tucked between working farms. While here, I'm busy editing two new documentary projects – and playing badminton with the goats.

My new project, awarded French funding by Nora Mandray

I'm honored to be funded by two different French boards the CNC (French Film Institute) and the Region Aquitaine to write and conduct field research for my next transmedia project.

Sélectionnée ce printemps par le CNC et par la Région Aquitaine, en Aide à l'Écriture pour mon nouveau projet transmédia.

Let the fun begin!

"True Wheel" selected by the British Council by Nora Mandray

As part of the BFI Flare Festival, my short "True Wheel" got picked for the #FiveFilms4Freedom initiative. 

Together with four other films, "True Wheel" was made available online by the British Film Institute, for free, for people all around the world to see through the BFI Player. The British Council promoted the films to millions of people through its global network including in countries where these images are difficult or almost impossible to access. 

Thanks to this amazing initiative, "True Wheel" got mentioned in The Guardian (online and on paper!)

Watch my interview here.

Interview on the BBC by Nora Mandray

Last November, I was lucky to be interviewed by the lovely Tom Brook on the "BBC Talking Movies" show. We chatted about my upcoming feature project: my interview starts at 10mn47.